Sunday, March 13, 2016

B/X D&D House Rules v. 5

Although I had previously said I would not be releasing a new version of my B/X D&D house rules, I have subsequently made so many changes and updates that I felt it was necessary. Most of these updates are the result of actual game play with my two Roll20 gaming groups over the past several months. Sometimes I would research what other have done in their own games, other times I simply made up my own house rules.

Brett's B/X D&D House Rules ver. 5

As an aside, I am aware of the The B/X Companion and have even purchased a copy. I also have the Companion Expansion. And finally, although I do not own a copy, I have seen reviews for The Complete B/X Adventurer. These are all fine products with some great material. What I am presenting here are my own B/X house rules, compiled for my Roll20 games, and polished up for public consumption.

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