Sunday, April 17, 2016

Building the ToEE in Roll20 Continues

In my last post, my players were paused mid-battle in combat with the Moathouse's giant frogs. I have no new update from this past week, because we did not play. One player had to go out of town unexpectedly and another had in-laws unexpectedly drop in from out of town. However, things look good for this coming week and we should be meeting to play on Monday night as usual.

In the meantime, I've continued to work on duplicating the ToEE's surface level in Roll20. As with the moathouse, I took an existing map I found online and imported it into Roll20. Then I simply stretched it out to the proper scale and began laying my own detailed graphics on top of the map. Overall, I think it looks pretty good:

One thing that struck me while working on this map is just how huge the ToEE really is. Back when I ran this adventure in face-to-face games, we never actually drew out the upper works on a battle mat, but simply used graph paper. Only now, with Roll20's essentially unlimited battle mat space to work with, have I tried to duplicate the upper works on a tactical scale. This screenshot is just of the temple itself, and I had to zoom all the way out to 10% scale to capture it. You cannot see in this pic the surrounding ruined walls and other features.

My next task will be to trace out the walls and other obstacles on the Dynamic Lighting layer. This will make it so that the players will not be able to see around corners or pass through walls as they explore this map.

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  1. Hey! Im currently running a ToEE game on Fantasy Grounds, and I was hoping if I could possibly use your main hall map of the Temple?