Thursday, April 7, 2016

Running the Temple of Elemental Evil in Roll20

I've been very busy lately, importing the Temple of Elemental Evil into my Roll20 campaign and converting everything over to the Moldvay B/X ruleset which I currently prefer to play. So far, I've accomplished the following:

  • Village of Hommlet: Completely created and populated
  • Moathouse: Completely created and populated
  • Village of Nulb: Completely created and almost completely populated
  • Temple Surface Level: under construction

Last game session, the players arrived at the entrance to the Moathouse and were of course attacked by the giant frogs. We have a hard-set quit time, so we had to stop mid-battle. But here's a screenshot of the action in progress, with my own notations:

As you can see, things are off to an interesting start. I didn't really plan for the PCs to arrive at the Moathouse this quickly, but they sort of forced my hand. That might be a good topic for a follow-on post.

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  1. Feel free to use my maps I made for the same reason you need them.