Friday, July 1, 2016

B/X Roll20 ToEE Campaign Update

If you understand all the acronyms in this post's title, then you're truly a gamer... I haven't posted any updates lately, but we've been playing almost weekly since the last time I posted.

The party is now exploring the moat house dungeon and has encountered the Gnolls. The PCs used spikes to hammer the iron barred door trap behind them into the "up" position, and this noise alerted the Gnolls to their presence. The Gnolls took up battle positions behind the tables, readied their bows and waited. When the PCs arrived in this area, the Gnolls began peppering them with arrows.

The PCs initially fell back around the corner in the corridor to the north, assuming the Gnolls would foolishly follow and then they could engage them 2 at a time in melee. I decided not to play that game this time. It might work with goblins (and has in the past) but I decided the Gnolls were too clever for such a simple tactic. The PCs want to advance deeper into the moathouse dungeon, so they decided they had no choice but to assault the Gnolls' position. Here is a screen shot:

This is the point at which we paused this week's game. A couple of Gnolls have been killed by the PCs own missile fire, but the melee types have decided they need to close in to get this over with as quickly as possible. A couple of other Gnolls broke morale when their friends were killed and have moved off-screen to the left.

Meanwhile, my work continues in creating the Temple of Elemental Evil itself in Roll20. Here is the latest update:

  • Village of Hommlet: Completely created and populated
  • Moathouse: Completely created and populated
  • Village of Nulb: Completely created and populated
  • Temple Surface Level: Completely created and populated
  • Temple Dungeon Level 1: Completely created and populated

I don't want to reveal too much here, in case any of my players happen to see this. However, anyone familiar with the ToEE should immediately recognize this particular location on dungeon level 1:

Ok, that's all I have for now! Next time I will post about how the PCs have been getting along with the inhabitants of Hommlet. It's not been exactly cordial, I can tell you that much...

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