Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Roll20 ToEE: Moathouse Exploration Continues

My Monday night Roll20 group continued playing through the ToEE Moat House this week. When we left off last week, the PCs had just entered the room where the Gnoll informants had told them they used to get their drinking water, but stopped going when a couple of their number went there and never returned.
The PCs find the underground pool of water
 Of course, the players were curious to know what could be the reason for the Gnoll's disappearances and their subsequent fear of the place. So they marched right up to the water's edge and held their lantern up to get a better look. Not surprisingly, the light and movement quickly attracted the attention of the beast that was the source of the trouble.

The underground pool's new inhabitant surfaces and hopes to make a meal of at least one of the PCs 
Given the PCs rather incautious behavior, I thought it reasonable that the creature should get a free surprise attack. The players' jokes about a lobster bake tonight at the inn were quickly silenced the the Giant Crayfish immediately inflicted 10 points of damage on the Dwarf.

Unfortunately (for the crayfish), that was the only damage he ever managed to inflict on anyone. Every other attack of his missed, while the Dwarf was rolling hot with his +1 Battle Axe. Even the Halfling managed to get in a hit or two with his Short Sword. Before the creature could even contemplate retreat, he was dead...

With all of the other side passages now explored and cleared, the players decided to enter the way which the Gnolls claimed would take them to "the Boss". By now, the party Mage was out of spells and wanted to go back to town to rest and recover. But the party Cleric's player was feeling overly-confident (despite having only one spell left himself) and wanted to press on. The other players were hesitant, but the Cleric managed to convince them.

The PCs find a door which they assume will lead them to the Moathouse "Boss"
The PCs soon encountered a locked and barred door, beyond which they assumed they would find the elusive moat house "Boss". However, the fact that the passage continued on, past the door and towards the east, bothered them. And so they decided to explore it first. After going 100 feet or so, they discovered that the passage actually led back to the surface. Off in the distance, near the Moathouse Ruins, the party could see their horses and the hireling brought along to watch them while they explored inside. Since they were already back topside again, the other PCs convinced the Cleric that it was best to go back to town after all and return tomorrow, fully re-charged for the final encounter.

The Player Characters (and invited NPC guests) enjoy dinner and drink at the Welcome Wench Inn
The trip back to Hommlet was uneventful and the PCs were soon seated at their favorite table at The Welcome Wench. Once again, the Halfling set up certain favored (by him) NPCs with an open tab and invited them to join the PC group at their table. Elmo continues to be viewed as a harmless drunk with an endless capacity for drink. The party Mage continues to loathe the very sight of Spugnoir, seeing him as competition for magic scrolls which might otherwise expand his own spellbook. Of course, this is all the motivation the Halfling needs to keep Spugnoir around, whatever the cost.

Since all of the available seating was taken up by the PCs, their hired help, and the Halfling's barfly friends, he himself perched on the table and prepared to regale everyone with his favorite form of entertainment: bawdy sea shanties.

Watch for the next exciting episode, coming soon!

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