Sunday, May 14, 2017

BX House Rules Version 5.1

After more than a year, I'm releasing version 5.1 of my B/X D&D house rules. As before, these modifications were implemented after actual game play experience from my ongoing B/X Roll20 campaigns. Here is a summary of the latest updates:

  • All character classes can now fight from horseback
  • Unarmed combat is now mostly BtB
  • Rules for the whip and dual-wield combat are removed
  • Shield Wall rules removed, rules for Push-Back are modified to compensate
  • Thief weapon Blackjack is removed
  • Spell description for Continual Light is modified
  • Missile fire at adjacent foes is addressed
  • Rules for Parrying are loosened a little
  • Rules for Turning Undead are elaborated upon
  • Monsters with Gaze attacks are addressed
  • Fighter perks tweaked slightly

Download your copy of Brett's B/X D&D House Rules ver. 5.1!