Sunday, May 14, 2017

BX House Rules Version 5.1

After more than a year, I'm releasing version 5.1 of my B/X D&D house rules. As before, these modifications were implemented after actual game play experience from my ongoing B/X Roll20 campaigns. Here is a summary of the latest updates:

  • All character classes can now fight from horseback
  • Unarmed combat is now mostly BtB
  • Rules for the whip and dual-wield combat are removed
  • Shield Wall rules removed, rules for Push-Back are modified to compensate
  • Thief weapon Blackjack is removed
  • Spell description for Continual Light is modified
  • Missile fire at adjacent foes is addressed
  • Rules for Parrying are loosened a little
  • Rules for Turning Undead are elaborated upon
  • Monsters with Gaze attacks are addressed
  • Fighter perks tweaked slightly

Download your copy of Brett's B/X D&D House Rules ver. 5.1!


  1. Brett, I noticed in one of your earlier posts that you are from SE OK. Those are my stomping grounds as well. What town do you live in?

    1. Up through high school I lived in McAlester, but I now live in Norman. Where were you from?

  2. "Cushing blow" instead of "crushing blow" in the table for items?

  3. Quick question, what font did you use when you wrote your rules? The closest I can seem to find is Soutane which still doesn't seem quite right.