Monday, July 31, 2017

Exploring the Temple of Elemental Evil's Dungeon Level 2 (pt. 1)

As always, spoilers follow. Anyone who plans to play through The Temple of Elemental Evil module should not be reading through these blog posts!

The party has been exploring the ToEE's Dungeon Level 2 for about a month (real time) now. They first decided to enter Dungeon Level 2 via the spiral staircase found in the NW corner of the map:

The characters cautiously enter the Temple's dungeon level 2

The characters quickly found a complex of rooms in which were stationed many men, all garbed in black. They began fighting and pushing their way forward.

The Fighter leads the charge, followed closely by the Dwarf

As the party pushed deeper into the complex of rooms, more human guards confronted them

After these guards were defeated, one who had surrendered was offered freedom in exchange for relating all he knew. He told the characters that they were off-duty raiders, charged with keeping the Temple supplied with goods and captives. He also told the characters that their leader, a man named Feldrin, was quartered in a complex of rooms behind a secret door to the south. The guard could provide no additional details, stating that he and his comrades were not permitted into this area.

A captured guard tells the characters all he knows in exchange for his life

The players decided to press the attack, hoping that whomever was beyond the secret door might be caught off-guard. Unfortunately, those people had already been alerted to the PCs presence (the guard's sergeant had escaped) and so they were expecting an attack. All the same, the Fighter charged in and engaged in melee.

Again, the Fighter charges into the fray, immediately followed by the Dwarf

Unfortunately, the Fighter paid for his boldness by receiving a Critical Hit from one of the guards and the result nearly killed him in one shot:

The Fighter is nearly killed by one lucky blow

The Cleric, who happened to be next to the Fighter, casts a Cure Light Wounds spell on him. The Fighter also deployed his snowman Christmas gift, to take any further damage meant for him. See my last post for details on how this unique magic item was acquired.

The Fighter manages to avoid almost certain death

Although the Fighter is out of immediate danger, Feldrin (seen in the SW corner of the group pictured above) lands a solid blow on the Dwarf. Now he is in danger of dying. The Magic-User then decided to cast the spell Web at Feldrin in order to stop his assault. Unfortunately, it also meant webbing the Dwarf as well:

Feldrin is captured

Feldrin (and 2 of his surviving guards) are interrogated  by the characters. Feldrin offered to show the PCs a way to reach the 3rd dungeon level in exchange for his life. However, the Elf executed him on the spot instead. The Elf was then about to turn on the other two guards who had surrendered, but the rest of the PCs stopped him.

The Elf ends Feldrin's depredations once and for all

The characters decided to return to Hommlet, in order to rest and recover from their exertions. While the rest of the characters relaxed over dinner, the Elf (who is a priest of Pholtus) began haranguing the locals over their sinful ways and offered to show them the one true path to light and redemption. They responded by pelting him with animal bones and empty ale bottles:

The Hommlet locals do not take kindly to being called sinners and heathens by the priest of Pholtus

Next time will chronicle the character's return to the ToEE Dungeon Level 2!

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