Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Exploring the Temple of Elemental Evil's Dungeon Level 2 (pt. 2)

This is another play report for my ongoing Roll20-based B/X D&D campaign, and spoilers for dungeon module T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil follow. Anyone who plans to adventure in this setting should stop reading!

The characters returned to the Temple the following morning after my last posting, and once again descended down to Dungeon Level 2. This time they went south from the spiral staircase and immediately encountered a room housing a Minotaur:

The PCs battle a Minotaur
The Dwarf took 1 solid hit, but the creature really had no chance against so many opponents. One change to note in the party makeup on this trip, the Cleric decided to bring along the group's guard dog. On all previous adventures this dog had been left topside, to help the hireling animal handlers guard the horses while the party was exploring. But this time, the Cleric decided to bring the dog along, down into the dungeon.

After defeating the Minotaur, the characters backtracked past the area where they had defeated Feldrin and the Temple raiders on the day before, and continued in an easterly direction. They soon found a storeroom filled with lumber and other building supplies.

The characters find a room filled with construction materials

Next, the characters came across a damp, slimy room which contained a giant water cistern. This room filled the players with a sense of impending danger, and their characters soon backed out of the place without exploring any further:

The characters find a huge water cistern

Continuing eastward, the corridor the characters were following turned south and then came to a T-intersection. The characters decided to explore east again:

Which way to go?

They soon came to a garbage-filled room, obviously a dumping grounds for the Temple's current inhabitants. At this point the Cleric's player ruled on his own that the dog would not be able to resist such tempting odors, and had him run into the room. Unfortunately, an Otyugh hidden among the garbage sprang at the opportunity to acquire a meal of fresh meat. The dog stood no chance against such a surprise attack and was soon being devoured by the monster.

An Otyugh hidden in the garbage room attacks and eats the party's guard dog

The Elf character recommended running away, while the monster was busy eating the dog. But the Fighter and Dwarf players decided to charge in, hoping against hope that they might still rescue their pet.
The Elf suggests fleeing, but the Fighter and the Dwarf charge in

Unfortunately, it's all over too quickly and the dog is gone...

Considering that this dog was purchased when the characters were new and had been with them since the beginning, they were surprisingly cavalier about its fate

Well, no time to "mourn" the fate of the dog. Now the characters themselves are in range of the monster's attacks and the battle is on. The Fighter and the Cleric are both wounded by the creature, but in the end they manage to defeat it.

The characters battle the Otyugh, exacting revenge for it eating their dog

After defeating the Otyugh, the characters returned to the main corridor and followed it around to the NE quadrant of dungeon level 2, where they found a closed door:

A new door to check out

Opening the door, the characters were confronted by a large group of Bugbears. Being low on healing spells, they decided to slam the door shut again and try to spike it. However, the characters were quickly interrupted by another group of Bugbears approaching from the west:

Bugbears attack!

A few Bugbears were killed, but by this point the characters just wanted out. So, in quick succession, the Magic-User cast a Wizard Lock spell on the door, and then a Web spell at the Bugbears remaining in the corridor:

The door is Wizard Locked
The remaining Bugbears are Webbed

With their foes temporarily neutralized, the characters used the opportunity to flee back to the surface and then return to the Village of Hommlet.

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