Sunday, August 13, 2017

Exploring the Temple of Elemental Evil's Dungeon Level 2 (pt. 3)

This is another play report for my ongoing Roll20-based B/X D&D campaign, and spoilers for dungeon module T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil follow. Anyone who plans to adventure in this setting should stop reading!

As stated last time, the characters returned to Hommlet in order to rest up, heal, and regain spells while staying at the Inn of the Welcome Wench. Unfortunately, the Magic-User's rest was interrupted when his pet owl started hooting to alert him to an approaching danger. He awoke to find a figure clad entirely in black climbing in through the window just above his bed. Upon being discovered, the figure quickly retreated into the night:

An intruder in the night...

The characters decided to spend the entire next day in Hommlet, in order to sort through various loot taken from the Temple. It was mostly routine, except when the Magic-User decided to use a Knock spell to unlock a small chest taken from Feldrin's quarters in the Temple's Dungeon Level 2. The chest was protected with a poisonous gas trap, which triggered when the Knock spell popped open the lid. Three of the characters in the area of effect failed their saving throws and the others had to burn through carefully-saved magic items to keep them from dying outright:

Poison gas! Only the party Cleric and their hired animal handler happened to be outside the area of effect

Back inside the inn, the Elf (who is a cleric of Pholtus) resumed his preaching to the tavern patrons. However, he seems to have suddenly developed a persistent, nagging cough:

Meanwhile, the Magic-User, fearing another late-night visit from the mysterious black-clad intruder, hired Elmo to sit up in his room all during the coming night:

The Magic-User hires Elmo to keep watch in his room during the coming night

However, the other characters took no such precautions... they somehow concluded that the Magic-User was the only one in danger and that they themselves had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, the next morning the Cleric of St. Cuthbert did not come down to breakfast. Asking Ostler to come upstairs and unlock his room, they found the Cleric still in bed, but dead with a black dagger plunged into his heart.

The Cleric of St. Cuthbert is assassinated in his sleep

Clearly, the characters are facing a serious threat, and in the middle of what they considered to be a safe haven. What will they do next?

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